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"WhatsDOOMee" lathe cut 6" square picture disc

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Image of "WhatsDOOMee" lathe cut 6" square picture disc

Six-inch square lathe cut picture discs of Mike C's Westside Gunn + MF DOOM remix “WhatsDOOMee.”  Every penny of profit from these records will be donated to Daniel Dumile’s family via his Cash App, as listed on MF DOOM’s Spotify page.  

NOTES FROM THE MANUFACTURER: Lathe cut records are not a direct substitute for pressed records. Lathe cuts are always 100% hand-made, in real time. If the record is 10 minutes long, it took 10 minutes to cut plus an extensive setup time to make your record sound as great as possible. Unfortunately, this requires a sacrifice of some fidelity and volume. All records will be playable and enjoyable, but will NOT sound identical to the master recording and may have difficulty being played on very low end turntables. These records should be treated like unique works of playable, musical art.

*** USA orders only. Please contact us for international shipping.

*** To simply donate money directly - without ordering a record - you can send to MF DOOM's Cash App (as listed on the MF DOOM Spotify page) at $DOOMRSE.